All services below are open source, you can use these services as privacy/open source alternative front-end.

  • Ytmous : Another Youtube front-end from Indonesian dev.
  • PrivateBin : A private pastebin alternative software
  • Hastebin : Another private pastebin alternative
  • Libreddit | Alternative 1 : Reddit front-end built with Rust.
  • Librex : Google front-end without javascript
  • SearXNG : Another Google and many search engine front-end for privacy
  • SearXNG Alt : SearXNG alternative instance
  • SearX by Spot : Searx powered by Spot
  • Lingva : Google Translate front-end

If you follow twitter and ElMo (Elon Mosk), you know that in October-November 2022 some twitter users migrated to mastodon, activitypub software like twitter. Although I have mastodon account since 2019, I actively posting in mastodon and pleroma about January 2023.

I believe in selfhost any service as much as I can, so I selfhost my gotosocial at, rebased (a pleroma fork) at, honk and blogging about fediverse at I also hosted a pleroma fork same as for anyone who are Indonesians or love funny things (wkwk means laugh out loud/LOL in Bahasa Indonesia), you can register at the later instance and start entering the fediverse.

Uptime Status

You can check uptime status for these services from various source